An obsession with paper

One obsessed with paper

Posted in Creation by Audrey Ashira on July 29, 2010


What is journalism but to tell the truth? To rant on one’s own opinions? To lay down the facts? And hopefully make the reader ever so slightly interested.

My first article is on myself.

There is no subject I know so well.

So here you have it:

I am obsessed with paper – writing on it, scribbling on it, writing music on it, folding it into hats and airplanes, and sometimes just staring at it. [No, really, I do.] I love to stare at paper because it’s boundless. Anything can happen. I believe there is a Creator who created us in His likeness – with something that drives us to CREATE. We lose out if we don’t. It’s in our blood, It’s our system – to desire it.

And therefore.

I am obsessed with paper.


Hello world!

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